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12 Live CE Hour Course

12 Hour Live CE Course - $99.95

12 Hour Live CE Course - 8 Live CE Topics x 1.5 Hours each = 12 Total Hours

ONLY $99.95 for Access to ALL 8 Topics - Attend the Wednesday Live Chats that are convenient for you.
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Live CE Chat Topics:

  • Every Wednesday @ 6:30 pm CST

    • Chat Topics vary from week to week. Please choose the day and topics that work best for you.

There are 8 Live CE Chat Topics (1.5 Live CE Hours for Each Topic Attended/Participated = 12 Total Live CE Hours)

  • Psychology of Aging

  • Documentation

  • Residents Rights/Social Worker Role

  • Alzheimers/Dementia

  • Culture Change

  • Communication with Older Adults

  • Behaviors

  • Regulations

Course Instructor: Celeste Chase

Creative Thinking - 6 CE Hours

This is a professional development course intended on helping you not add tricks to your bag, but to give you the opportunity to rework its opening, to sew a new lining in it, to stretch it out a bit. By giving you a chance to focus on the bag itself, all that’s in it will ultimately be more useful and accessible.

Activity Assistant Training Guide - 10 CE Hours

Being the Activity Assistant isn’t all fun and games, as they say. Being able to provide the residents with the quality of care they deserve takes experience and education. This course is designed to provide the Activity Assistant with the tools needed to competently carry out their duties as well as providing a level of support to the Activity Director that is required for a successful department. The goal of this course is to guide the Activity Assistant through what will be needed and expected of them while also suggesting ways they might go above and beyond to utilize their skill sets in other ways beneficial to the Director and residents. Upon completion the Activity Assistant will have more confidence in themselves, their jobs, and their ability to positively affect the lives of those they serve.

  • Understand the Activity Assistant’s Job Description/Specifications/Essential Duties.
  • How to better understand the residents and their needs.
  • Understand activity programs and the effect each type is expected to deliver.
  • How to plan an activity from start to finish.
  • Understand what is legal and in compliance within your department.
  • Understand the different Activity Terms and how they are used.
  • Understand how to utilize pertinent Activity Forms, such as the Activities RAP Guidelines, Activity Program Description, Activity Analysis, Activity Participation Record, Multi-Departmental, and more..

Workshop Topics:

APNCC Approved:
10 CE Hours
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National Council of Certified Dementia Practioners
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Covid: Establishing Physical & Psychological Safety

In this 4 CEU course, we’ll offer resources so that you can stay on top of the rules and regulations, policies and protocols. We will also discuss psychological safety and the importance of being aware of the potential of Covid-induced trauma.


When you have explored the resources offered here, as well as completed the exercises for self-exploration, you will be able to:

  • identify 3 resources which provide updated information about Covid-related infection control regulations and guidelines,
  • define trauma and explain what the ‘trauma informed approach’ is,
  • name the four ‘r’s related to trauma as explained by SAMHSA,
  • recognize the 6 key principles of the trauma-informed approach,
  • identify the 5 elements necessary for well-being,
  • name 4 behaviors and/or characteristics associated with positive well-being.

Workshop Topics:

APNCC Approved:
4 CE Hours
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National Council of Certified Dementia Practioners
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